BillSerialAnalyser 3.0
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BillSerialAnalyser 3.0

Bill Serial Port Monitor utility is a Serial RS-232 COM ports monitor
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Bill Serial Port Monitor utility is an interactive and graphical utility. It is specifically designed for hardware engineers and administrators. But anybody can use this utility and it may be helpful for everyone. I think this utility also work as a security tool as it is used to monitor your computer’s Serial RS-232 communication between two devices. Bill Serial Port Monitor utility has capability to monitor your any COM port for RS-232 communication. It is a Bi-directional monitor. It means it can monitor the Serial RS-232 communication between devices in both incoming and outgoing direction. With this software you can view all the activity of any RS-232 Port therefore it is very helpful to monitor any illegal activity over RS-232 port. Bill Serial Port Monitor can automatically log all the activity of RS-232 port so you does not required to continuous watch your RS-232 ports activity n you can study or analyze the log file later. This utility can also be used to test your RS-232 ports for the connectivity at various parameters. You can check the communication between two COM ports with DTR and RTS options. You can also set the Baud Rate, Parity, Data Bits and Stop Bits for a communication. Bill Serial Port Monitor comes with a Macro to send test bits to a device port or application port.

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  • Able to monitor any COM RS-232 port
  • Automatic port activity Log
  • Provide option to test communication between ports
  • Bi-directional


  • Not a freeware
  • Can monitor only RS-232 ports



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  • Pc port activity monitor